Day 11: Trip of heading nowhere

It is now the 11th day of my travels and if you are reading all these that I’m writing everyday then I must really bow and take you out for a nice mealπŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
These few days have been quite chill and relaxing! Alright.. Who am I kidding. It is boring! πŸ˜₯ as we are traveling to Melbourne next, it is a super long drive there. We are stopping at small towns in the middle to see if there’s anything special or worth to take a second glance at. However, after seeing so many days of spectacular views and experienced some exciting adventure, it seems hard for us to have any excitement to be squeeze out of. 

The city of Eden sounds like a very nice city with them famous for their whale museum and whaling sites. We went to a few of the recommended places and decided that it wasn’t enough for us to be all excited about. So in the end, we thought about it. The question that is on everyone’s mind: “What will we want to see to feel that excitement again?” 

The answer? PENGUINS. 

We head off to Bairnsdale to rest for the night and it was quite a long drive but we made it in the end. Got there before the sun sets as it is really quite dangerous and not advised to be driving at night. We decided to walk around town and found out that they had a cinema in town. As it was Tuesday, they have some offer that it is cheaper than usual! How lucky for us 😁 got our tickets for $10.50 and head inside to watch Ted 2. It was an okay movie with some hilarious parts in between. There wasn’t anything much in the plots but Amanda Seyfried is still freaking hot😁😍

End of day 11. 

Bouncing up and down at the back of the caravan was probably the highlight of the dayπŸ˜… 


Day 10: Shivering in Canberra

Slept and woke up at somewhere called Batemans Bay and it was freaking 8 degrees. Nearly threw everything I had on just to stop myself from shivering. Can’t imagine how it will be when we actually reach Canberra where it is currently 1 degrees. 

Drove for around 2 hours before we reached Canberra and when we got there, we realised that they had nothing really special except for the fact that they are the nation’s capital. Our first stop was the Parliament House and it was an okay tour for us. Maybe the fact that we came from blue mountains and Sydney made it looks boring..? I don’t really know but yeah.. Nothing was particularly special or stood out to us. We quickly made our way to the memorial park and a lake call Lake Burley Griffen. Visited the National Museum of Australia and I even got to take pictures of some of the exhibits. 

At first, we were thinking of staying in Canberra for a night but there wasn’t much that we could do and so we decided to travel to our next destination; Eden. We got a Vila there for a cheap price of 80 plus a night and it was damn worth it. The place is huge with bathrooms and two bedrooms. We got here later than we expected to be but the person in charge was very nice to wait for us. We cooked dinner and rest for the night. 

Today wasn’t much of an adventure to be honest as most of the time were spent traveling from place to place. But hang in there guys! We will be heading to Melbourne soon and I promise that it will be awesome when we travel the Great Ocean Road ☺️ sorry can’t post any pictures today! So wait till weekends alright? πŸ˜₯πŸ˜‚

Day 9: Sunrise & Sunset at the coastline

As I wrote in my previous post, we attempted to catch the first light today at an eastern side of Sydney near Bondi. Woke up at 5 and with a half awake mentality, we packed all our stuffs and placed everything in the car. Then we drove off and reached there in just 20 mins. 

We missed the first light by a few minutes but the view was still very beautiful. We stayed and took photos till the sun rises. After that we head over to somewhere nearby the beach and chat over breakfast. We had a nice long chat about nonsense stuff like ghost stories and climate changes till 1030 and drove to some shopping mall for some cheap oysters! 

After which, we drove to where our caravan was and then it was time to return the gangster car as our days in Sydney comes to an end. We drove back to the place we picked it up and dropped it off as we bid our last farewell to both the gangster car and Sydney. Our first stop out of Sydney was to see the blowholes situated at Kiama and when we arrive there, we had trouble locating it until the seawater gushes out from it. πŸ˜‚ We sat there and admire the blowhole as if we are little kids seeing it for the first time even though we are really seeing it for the first time. 😁

We set off immediately from then on to a beach called Hyams beach where it is said to have the whitest sand in the whole of australia! It was a 1 hour plus drive to the beach and when we got there, we were rewarded by a pinkish white sky with seawater clearer than Sentosa’s (well a lot of beaches have clearer seawater) and the sun setting down towards the horizon. 

The view was gold, something that you don’t see everyday with the pinkish sky and the sun together, listening as the waves touched the shores gently and hitting on the rocks. Everything adds up and mixed nicely to have a nice relaxing view of the sunset. You just wish that you have an ice cold beer in your hands as you sit down and watch as the sun does down. 

That’s the end of day 9! 😊 and tmr we will continue traveling on towards Canberra! Heard that it’s cold there.. So wish us luck and hope that our clothes are enough for us to tank through it. πŸ˜…πŸ˜


So many sunrises and sunsets through this trip. I just wish that I can wake up everyday to be blessed with such beauty. 


Pictures that I owed you guys from day 5 onwards! In the Hunter valley! Till Sydney and blue mountains! Enjoy guysπŸ˜πŸ‘


Day 8: Our days in Sydney is coming to an end

First of all, SYDNEY IS SUCH AN EXPENSIVE PLACE!! Okay.. Now that it’s out.. I will continue on my postπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ day 8 of our trip and 4th day in Sydney and everything is going well! Woke up later today as we intend to catch the 1030 tour slot. This gives us a lot of time to relax and chill until 1030. 

Got up at around 8 in the morning, brushed my teeth and made myself some toast and soup for breakfast. We traveled to town hall for breakfast and met up with the rest of the tour people. It was a free tour conducted by an agency so you can just tip them after the whole tour ends. Even though they are called free tour, the amount of information and history facts that the guide provided was top class. She was friendly and full of energy! Her name is Lisa and she’s from imfree tour. 

She walked us through most of the historic sites here in Sydney and explained to us with details. She shows that she know her facts well and excellent in her communication skills. We got to walk to see Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, Hyde Park, Habour Brigde, Circular Quay and many more places. The whole tour was about 3 hours and by the time it end, it was past lunch time. We then walked towards the Opera house and from there… Nah.. It wasn’t anything much than what it looks. Well.. It is still a magnificent piece of architecture but it’s just there… Nothing much more than the pictures you see anywhere else except it’s with your own eyes.  

But the sunset there was spectacular. Amazing view of the sun setting near the Habour and I got a few beautiful shots of it. We stayed there for a while just to appreciate the view for a while. After which, we walked over to Darling Harbour for the night view and fireworks! Oh yeah! I forget to mention bus 555 that travels throughout the CBD area is free! But there’s a limited time period and for different days too! So do check it out before deciding to take it. πŸ‘

As I was saying, we walked over to Darling Harbour and met up with my friend’s friend who lived here in Sydney. Had a good dinner which is some huge ass burger costing about $17? But it was damn filling as the portion is big! And apparently, at 8.30-8.40 every sat, Darling harbor will put up some fireworks and we rushed to catch a glimps of it. It wasn’t really anything awesome but it is still pretty nonetheless. We walked over to Chinatown and see the goods and atmosphere there. What can I say? It’s Chinatown! So it looks and sounds like it tooπŸ˜…

The goods there are cheaper than what you can get outside and can probably try to bargain for it. But it’s nice to see some of the Chinatown stuff. We bid our goodbyes and headed seperate ways. Drove around to find a lot. Yes!! Another thing! Driving and finding a parking lot here is super tough!!! The other day, we drove around for 30 mins and still couldn’t find a lot to park. So just a heads up if you’re driving here. So this brings us to the end of day 8!! Tmr we are heading to Bondi beach to catch first light(hoping that we can all wake up) and head to Canberra. ☺️ 

And thanks to weekends, I get free data!! So here are some photos for day 8!  


Watching the sun sets as the sky turns dark. Lights starts shining and that’s when all the stars come out.  

Day 7: The mountain they call Blue

Seeing the dark blue purple colored sky slowly taking over the orange red sea surrounding the horizon, as the sun slowly sets down and left a deep impression in our minds. Seeing sunset from the mountains is a totally deep view and if you like sunrise or sunset like I do, then you should really try going to some mountain and get yourself a good view. 

I finally know what it means to live among the clouds. With the cold air brushing across your already frozen cheeks and breathing in fresh air, what can be more relaxing and refreshing. My trip till now have been full of spectacular sceneries and I am truly blessed to be seeing all this with my own two eyes. Blue mountain is really a must visit place in my opinion and I would come here and stay if I’m ever coming back to Australia again. It is simply too huge for us to finish every single attraction and place. So we went on a few and this is what we got. 

First of all, we woke up and ate our breakfast early in the wee hours. After which we set off straight away to blue mountain. It was quite a long drive up to blue mountain and some slopes are steep but I all depends on where you wanna go. We stopped at Wentworth falls as our first stop and it was simply amazing, breathtaking, spectacular, you name it! There are some trails that are nearer and some that are just a tiny bit further off. We walked to three lookout: Jamison lookout, Princes rock lookout and Wentworth falls lookout. All with view that will take your breathe away and make you feel cloud nine. 

The clouds were at our fingertips and saw some climbing up the mountains to form bigger clouds above. Some passerby told us that it only happens once or twice every year so I guess that we were lucky to experience it. Took some photos and we got off to the next destination which is Echo point where the Three Sisters are found. 

Echo point wasn’t as exciting once you experienced the cloudy experience up at Wentworth falls but since it is a popular visitor spot then why not? πŸ˜‚ the view was still beautiful and refreshing however we didn’t feel the thrill when we were there experiencing the falls. So we took a few pictures and scoot off for our quick lunch. 

Seeing that we have quite some time before the sunsets, we drove all the way to Jenolan caves where all the magic comes from. No… It’s not a magic show or some sort. But it’s like a huge gigantic caves with a lot of sub-sections of the caves. By the time we got there, we only had time for a slot of guided tour so we took that. It was a tour to the imperial cave(the safest one) and it was because it is the only one that we could go. 

The tour is about an hour with a guide explaining how the things inside shaped out to be and the stories behind it. Oh yeah! You guys can’t go walking in these caves on your own. You have to pay and get guidance from the tour agency. Inside the caves were rocks and crystals, water clearer than anything you have ever seen. It is like a glass on top of the ground. I personally enjoyed the tour as the inside of the cave is unique and some structures are beautiful. 

We drove out after everything ended as the sun was setting down. It is quite dark to drive in blue mountains at night so we try to make it out before that. But the sunset from the mountains… I think I dropped my heart somewhere out there. It felt like I can peacefully leave this world now. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ okay.. I’m joking. But you get my idea. 

Yeah.. So that’s about it for my trip to blue mountain and thinking about it, I would love to come back and stay here for a few days the next time out. Explore more of the places around blue mountain and just simply enjoy the quiet and relaxing lifestyle. 
Thanks for coming and reading my wordpress frequently and liking some of it. I enjoy writing my trip as much as you guys reading it. But just hang tight for the pictures. Because I can promise you that every picture that I took is worth waiting for. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ™† till next time~ 

Everyone have their own kryptonite. You are forever mine.