Slept and woke up at somewhere called Batemans Bay and it was freaking 8 degrees. Nearly threw everything I had on just to stop myself from shivering. Can’t imagine how it will be when we actually reach Canberra where it is currently 1 degrees. 

Drove for around 2 hours before we reached Canberra and when we got there, we realised that they had nothing really special except for the fact that they are the nation’s capital. Our first stop was the Parliament House and it was an okay tour for us. Maybe the fact that we came from blue mountains and Sydney made it looks boring..? I don’t really know but yeah.. Nothing was particularly special or stood out to us. We quickly made our way to the memorial park and a lake call Lake Burley Griffen. Visited the National Museum of Australia and I even got to take pictures of some of the exhibits. 

At first, we were thinking of staying in Canberra for a night but there wasn’t much that we could do and so we decided to travel to our next destination; Eden. We got a Vila there for a cheap price of 80 plus a night and it was damn worth it. The place is huge with bathrooms and two bedrooms. We got here later than we expected to be but the person in charge was very nice to wait for us. We cooked dinner and rest for the night. 

Today wasn’t much of an adventure to be honest as most of the time were spent traveling from place to place. But hang in there guys! We will be heading to Melbourne soon and I promise that it will be awesome when we travel the Great Ocean Road ☺️ sorry can’t post any pictures today! So wait till weekends alright? 😥😂


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