Somewhere in hot sunny Singapore

This week I’m going to officially… Okay maybe I’m still in the training phrase but I’m going to start work soon. Actually this job is not within my comfort zone because it involves meeting up with random people and selling them something that they might not even buy. But I know that it is going to be a good experience for me and I’m somehow proud of myself. Why? I am stepping out of my comfort zone for the first time. 

The weather nowadays in Singapore can seriously kill someone like literally. I swear that I can even see heatwave just steaming out from the ground. Just wish that we had some cooling weather like the other countries๐Ÿ˜”

I wish that I would still have time in the near future to blog but just in case that I don’t… I’m going to miss you my dear little space. Working day in and out is such a tiring thing. But looking at the bigger picture, I want to earn my bucks and seeing that it’s the only way to allow me to travel more and share with you guys my experience all over again. ๐Ÿ˜ 

I will do my best to try and blog often. ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿป

If I show you my flaws, if I couldn’t be strong.

Tell me honestly would you still love me the same


Restless days

Don’t you have these kind of days where you just don’t have any motivation or mood to do anything? Anything that crosses your mind is just can I just sleep it off and not think about anything at all? Can I really do that with my exams around the corner? ๐Ÿ˜”

Now back to me

I guess that’s probably the reason I’m feeling rather restless today. Sipping down some red wine and just stare blindly at the stars above. Try not to think about anything else but just the bright little things above. Need to be motivated once again. That’s all for this post. 

You got that smile that could light up anyone’s world. So keep smiling. Because I will be smiling with you. 

Never alone

Feeling happy can never come at a better time. Smiling like an idiot day in day out just because my day ended well. No matter how rough of a day, somehow it just gets better when the day ends. It feels like a bird flying out of its cage for the very first time; freedom, taste of fresh air gushing into your windpipe. The happiness cannot be expressed by simple words because it’s just emotions you feel deep within. That’s how you know that you are truly happy where you are. 

Everyone have different things that can make them happy, be it listening to music, chatting with friends or loved ones, exercising your heart out or many different stuff. There are lots of stuff that can make me happy and for me, I realised that talking about my problems and having someone there to encourage you does a whole lot of wonders. It made all my problems seems so tiny and got back my motivation to strive once more. 

Everyone should at least have that one person that they can open up to just so that they won’t turn crazy. Imagine just squeezing every single problem that you have in you and you know that it won’t end well. So instead of doing that, why not try and open up to someone? It could be anyone; friends, family or even someone you don’t know? Like me? I’m sure that they will be glad to hear you out or even give some helpful tip and advice.

Everyone needs someone to be there. And I think one way is to talk about it. Drop me a comment and I will reply to it. Or maybe when other people sees it, they might comment on it too. We are a big community here and I’m sure that everyone is helpful and caring in their own ways. I believe in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

You are never alone in this world. Always hang on to that and smile. 

Forever rushing

I have always wondered what is it like to be able to freeze time. Would the world ever be the same? Would there be things that people would change? Or can time change people? 

Every second is ticking away; precious seconds that you are not getting back. But what made all these worth while? Everyone have their own answer and I’m sure most of us wouldn’t have any much regrets on how it is spent. But have you ever wondered what it feels like to stop and take a better look at the things around you. Maybe you can see something different or even view things from a different perspective. 

In a everyday hectic life of normal Singaporeans, we don’t often have the luxury to stop our feet and take a few seconds to look around us. Everyone is forever rushing for time be it working, studying, dating, picking things up or even the simplest of eating a meal can sometime be rushed. Even with all the surrounding greenery, things go unappreciated in the city of Singapore. 

They say a picture paints a thousand words and maybe that’s why I fell in love with photography in the first place. The stories that they paint and every emotion, message and content all in one picture itself. And most of the time, it is through pictures that people start to realise the beauty of it. I am ashamed to say but I too fell victim to such action; rushing and stopped appreciating the little things around. 

These few weeks were hectic and I wasn’t given much time to properly rest my body. Through all the walking, running, working and studying, I realised that I stopped looking around me. My life was all circulated between work and home like most working adults. But today, I stopped my ever moving feet and took a look around me. From trees to flowers, buildings to houses and even kids running around, I have lost the part of me that knows how to stop and appreciate the things around. Most of us are victim of such thing. 

So why don’t we? Make it a point to stop your feet once in a while and take a good long look at the greenery or things that you can appreciate because things don’t last. They might be gone tommorow and all we had to do was to just pay more attention to it. 

Beauty is eternal and comes from within. People just have to stop and look closely into it. Sometimes, we might even be surprise at what we see. 

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Hangovers don’t seem to be anyone’s best friend and when you happen to be experiencing it, then I guess everything is going to be painful for you. In the past, no matter how much I drink or how drunk I get, it always seems to me that I have a high tolerance for alcohol. I always ended up helping others and making sure that everyone is safe and sound; I’m like the guy who don’t know how to have fun. But as age catches up, the more stupid I become. 

One week. Yes in just one week I was hammered twice. TWICE! I don’t know what happened and how it happened but I sure as hell know I don’t want to feel like that again. Helping people drink just because I think I can or just trying to be a hero. Well.. Guess what. Nobody will thank you for being the hero and guess who is the one that suffers in the morning. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that it’s you. So take my advice and start being smart. On the side note, guys… Please don’t make the ladies drink more than they can handle. Because of that then people like us get hammered all the time. 

I admit that I have an addiction to alcohol these days. I don’t know why or maybe I do know why. I’m just too afraid to face it myself. Alcohol helped to numb my nerves and not feel anything. And to choose feeling everything and feeling nothing, I chose nothing. 

I hate myself from being such a coward and it’s never a good feeling to hate yourself. So I guess I should start to do something that I can love myself for. Maybe then, alcohol won’t be my next best friend. 

You are an addiction. Just an plain old addiction. And I’m not afraid to face you no more. 

Movie troubles

Sorry but this is gonna be a rant post so grab on if you’re still in for the ride. I have to say that there are so many movies that are screening and I want to watch it. However, finding people to watch it with is the problem and I don’t want to watch a movie alone anymore. ๐Ÿ˜” 

It’s so sad that I don’t even know who I can ask or who should be okay with that genre of movie. Everyone have got their different taste in movies so I’m sure not every one of them that I want to watch is to their likings too. And sometimes, it’s just weird watching certain type of movies with someone else. Like for example, romance. You can’t possibly ask a guy to watch a romance movie with you right? And one of my movie buddy is abroad so that makes the count down by one. ๐Ÿ˜ญ I already missed out a lot of good movies and I’m hoping that I can at least catch a few of them. Ahhhhh I want to watch movie!!  

Okay.. I should stop ranting now and get down to my post. Wait… That’s the post. ๐Ÿ˜… just wanted to rant about this and just leave it as it is. I’m sorry! I will try to come up with something worthy next time. Thanks for coming and listening. ๐Ÿ˜Š