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I guess it’s everyone’s dream to travel around the world, experience different places and culture, food and languages. And I am no exception. Being able to spread my wings and fly off to wherever and whenever is forever a dream of mine and the thought of having someone around just makes that idea a whole lot better. 

I always imagined myself holding someone’s hand and walk the Earth. Going to different parts of the world and experience all different kind of stuff with that someone. I can see the sun shining, feel the wind blowing and sense the happiness that surrounds us. Under the millions of stars, we place our mat and have a star gazing session with picnic food. Trying and eating everything they have to offer to us. Taking pictures of us everywhere we travel just to make a scrapbook to show our kids where we been to. The happiness and moment all sealed in the very one album. 

And when we are old and can’t feel our legs, we take out album of us and relive the moments once again while sitting in our rocking chairs. Okay… I’m sounding a little old fashion I guess. 😂 but that’s something that I like to imagine sometimes. 

So far, I haven’t been able to travel much and to be honest, I envy the people that had already seen the world or most of the world. But I know my turn will come soon and it will be stunning because it will be all that I ever dream of. 

I can’t wait. For the day when I grab on to your hands and walk to the end of earth with you by my side. 

I knew you were trouble

Hahaha I know… I have got to stop with naming all my posts after something. But I had to..😂 and in this case, unlike Taylor swift’s song, this is a good kind of trouble. Wait.. Is there even such thing like good kind of trouble? So.. Maybe I shouldn’t say trouble right? 

These days felt like a dream; nothing looks or feel real and I felt like I’m living in a dream, a very sweet one at least. I’m sure if you have read this space of mine from the start, you should know that I’m trying to find how this whole single life works and how can I enjoy it. But seriously, I have never and I mean NEVER liked being single. So in the midst of searching for it, out of nowhere, this girl appeared in my life. 

I have long forgotten how is it that she caught my eye or how I felt since I met her. Everyday’s memories is being taken over by her. Bits and pieces of my memories of the past few days. It has been a while since I felt like this. I don’t know how to describe it; this feeling that I’m feeling right now. 

It’s like I’m suddenly uncertain of everything and running out of places to hide myself. Running around frantically searching for a way but one thing that I can’t deny is that I miss her a little more everytime. A little more every single time. 

And I’m not feeling really good and confident about this… Maybe because of the fear I have in me. I’m afraid. So what now? What do I do now.. I’m losing confident in myself. And it scares me that something like this might be gone again one day. One fine day. 

You have let me look forward to waking up everyday. My sun shines again. 

A walk to remember

Sorry for the corny title of this post but I can assure you it’s not what the movie was about. 😅 it’s just a random name I came up with for this post. So what’s the post about? Just to put it in simply terms… Walking. Why walking. 

Walking should be the action that most of us do every single day even more than any other actions. And such simply things can make someone feel differently. I don’t know about everyone else out there but for me, I enjoy walking. Be it a short distance or long ones, accompanied or alone, it has always been one of the thing I enjoy and thankful for very single day. 

Walking down the streets as the cool summer(Singapore’s weather is always summer) wind brush across your face, random thoughts running through your head, always looking and staring at things around as you walk. And yesterday, I walked home from serangoon which I’m sure a lot of people would be thinking like this guy is crazy. Oh for those that’s not in SG, it’s around.. 4-4.5km? Yeah.. But trust me because I don’t think most Singaporean would be walking home from there if they have a chance to take transport home. 

I have more things that I wanted to write about but.. I guess it have to wait a little longer. I guess.. Wait till I think it’s the right time to share with you guys? Haha but I promise you that it’s nothing bad. 😁

On a random note, September is coming to an end which means 2015 is soon coming to an end. Something I do when it’s nearly the end of September: listening to “wake me up when September ends” how I wish I can sleep till then😅😂 bye now. Cheers