Knowing me(you)

How does someone keep the level of positivity up with everything that’s happening in their life. Always believing that something good will happen to them in the end. Having the mindset that everything is going to be okay. How do they keep the monster inside the cage. 

I think sometimes, the situations in life led us to no other choice than to just be positive or rather choose to believe in it. They have to be strong for someone else just so everyone thinks that they are doing fine. Not knowing that the demons within are eating them up bit by bit. 

We rarely get the chance to understand someone nowadays. Technology has made us think that everything about that person can be found somewhere online be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Nobody really sits down and talk about themselves anymore which is quite a sad reality in life. 

Someone recently told me that maybe I don’t know her well enough and maybe when I do, then maybe I would have different feelings or rather not so strong feelings for her. But to that someone I would say that, I know how I’m feeling and nothing can change that. Be it your weird habits or anything at all, I want to know everything there’s to know about you; the wonderful real you. 

At the end of the day, I know that who made me smile and keep me on a positive note.


Dark clouds looming 

Dark clouds looming covering my sunshine. Everything just seems pitch black and I am stuck in a maze without any sense of direction. Putting my hands in front trying to grab on to something but I can’t seems to find it. I just seem so helpless, just walking without any sense of where I should go. 

I’m now practically stuck in the middle and don’t know which direction should I head down next. With my heart and my mind both saying different things, it’s hard to know where and if I should go. And in times like this, I need someone to show me the light or rather show me where to head to. 

But in reality, nobody have the right answer as to where to go. Because everyone try and try, sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. Everyone can tell you something from their experience but none of them can tell you what will happen next. Therefore, sometimes it’s hard for me to believe in it unless you’re someone from the future. 

But in times like these, it’s always good that you’re surrounded with people; people that you know who will be there for you and supportive of any decision you make. And those are the people that open up a gap between my dark clouds and letting me see at least a tiny bit of way.

We don’t know the things that will happen or might happen in the near future but who is stopping you from making your own decision. Just know that when you make your decision, stick with it and have no regrets. If it fails, get back up and try again. It don’t matter how much times you fell down, but how many times you get back up. And if it succeed and go your way, remember those that helped you along the way. 

Because without them, there won’t be you. 

Always love yourself. Cheers

It’s a bad day. Not a bad life. 

So suck it up and move on. 

Things are just happening one by one. Bad things. And I’m still trying to be fine with it. I don’t know if I can hold it in but… Maybe I should just sleep it off and hope tomorrow will be better. 

Why can’t things turn out better instead. I’m sick of life bringing me down now. 


I think the featured image makes a lot of sense to me because we as humans, we don’t usually see the good in us or see how beautiful we can be to the eyes of others. That’s why most of us have low self esteem because of our society. People should have more self esteem and confidence in themselves. 
So… Look at yourself in the mirror and see the beautiful wings that you already have. Be more confident in yourself and find joy and happiness in life once again. 

On a random note:

Recently im having butterflies in my stomach, the feeling of anxiety and excitement. With all the things that is happening or going to happen, I can’t help but have this feeling. And it’s in a good way of course. ☺️

And this wonderful someone made that all happened by herself. I have no idea where our future will land but I’m sure that I’m having a time of my life with her. And we will see where it goes from here. 

One step at a time. It doesn’t matter about speed that we are going but slowly one step at a time, we will get there. 

Say hello October 

A new month has just begun and it’s getting closer and closer till the end of 2015. Now that I looked back from the start of the year, my year of 2015 was full of surprises but I shall leave this for the end of the year post right? 😅

To me, time just flew by so quickly and I don’t really know if I’m heading down the right way. But I’m sure if I just continue walking, I will eventually see my path once again. It’s like what I learn during my times in army; when in doubt, just walk straight and you will see the exit soon. 😂 okay… This theory have its flaws but then again not all theory are perfect right? 

The whole of September was just filled with training and learning from my company. With every passing day, my code to sell gets nearer and I have mixed feelings if I will be able to do it. But for now, I’m going to stick to being motivated and do whatever I can to make sure I can make it. Never bowed down to a challenge and I’m not intending to do so now. Plus, now I have even more reason to succeed so I wouldn’t want to let anyone down. Please hold on and pull through Leon. 

And to sum it all up, I really enjoyed myself the last few days of September. I laughed, smiled and had a blast whenever I see this particular someone. She never seemed to make me feel better and can’t help but to smile at her. She motivates me to do better and I’m just glad that she’s always around me. My days have gotten a whole lot better thanks to her. So now that October has arrived, I can’t wait for us to spend our time together. 

Thank you September for showing me how I should be; happy and loved. Now to welcome October with open arms.