How many nights does it take to count the stars? 

That’s the time it would take to fix my heart. 

Oh baby I was there for you. 

All I ever wanted was the truth. 

How many nights have you wished someone would stay? 

Lie awake only hoping they’re okay. 

I never counted all of mine. 

If I tried, I know it will feel like infinity. 

“One direction – infinity”



Everybody was not born to be perfect but some of us embrace that and some of us don’t. There are so many times in life where things just don’t go the way we want it to but somehow things can just turn out alright.

We are just victims of our own minds. We have never stopped torturing ourselves and it is a deadly flaw of us. Why can’t we stop living in our own minds where things just turns out bad or for the worse. Why can’t we just embrace whatever we have and take things as it goes. Why can’t we live as we want to and not care about anything or not let anything defines us. 

We are just victims of our own minds. 

I have fallen victim to this for a million times where things just don’t turn out the way I hope they would. Many things that I would turn back time to change, many things that I would want to delete. But what good does that bring us to? Aren’t you just another coward hiding from the problems you don’t want to face yourself. Hoping that everything bad just fades away because you want that pain to stop. But in the end…

Aren’t you just another coward hiding from the truth? Does the pain really stops? 

The pain won’t stop until you want it to. Not letting it affect you and not giving it the power to bring you down. 

My pain isn’t getting easier to cope. It’s not decreasing with every passing minute. Maybe because I still cares. Maybe I still love. And maybe I still long for that feeling where you’re mine. 


I think I did all I could and have said my piece. Now I just have to learn to accept what things have become between us. But how great it must have felt to say everything that I wanted to say to you. 

Nothing is impossible but if you want to decide your future even before anything is decided then so be it. I’m not going to hold back anymore because it just hurts me more to see you like that. You’re nothing but an empty shell. I’m sorry that I couldn’t fill up your emptiness. 

I feel that my chains are off and I feel like I can really breathe again. Although my heart will be like this for a while but like always I’m going to be better. 

Anyway my last piece of advice to you: stop deciding your future because if you can’t even see your present, there won’t be a future. If you can’t even see that then forget about finding someone you will love for long or really love. Because love isn’t what you think it is. Some people spend most of their life searching for love or answer for their love but most of them only realised it when it’s too late. Don’t be like them. 

Embrace. Love. Courage. 

See you again.. 

The moral of the story is that sometimes no matter how hard we try, or how much you want it, sometimes it just does not have that happy ending. 

Don’t stop. Move

Ever felt lost or stuck in a hole where there’s nothing to be found, just darkness around. Ever felt hopeless and there’s no where to turn to, just you standing in the middle thinking of the next step to take. There’s a lot of us who feel this way when we get older because things get complicated. Suddenly it isn’t easy as abc or 123 and everything gets complicated. 

Often in our life, we fail to treasure the time we have; being with someone or doing something. It’s often when we realised that we missed the opportunity then everything strikes us like a bullet train. We take things for granted that things aren’t going to change or it will be there forever. And deep down inside, we know that it will never be the case. We see that sometimes we need to learn things the hard way before we can treasure what we have left. By then, is it too late to regret? Is it too late to say the goodbye that you never had the chance to. So many questions left unanswered.

When we were young, everything is so simple. We live everyday happily and there’s not a single problem that could bring us down. As we grow older, we wish that we can go back to those days where nothing matters except playing, running around, eating and sleeping. Our world is too complex and often leads to troubles that could crack our head. 

No matter what age you are when you’re reading this post, remember to not live life regretting the things you never get the chance to do. But time can never flow back, lost time can’t be brought back. Unless there’s a time machine, or else I suggest that we pick up our worries and concerns and carry on with our journey. Carry on with your path and take all chances to appreciate people around you. Take all the opportunity that you want. Do the things you won’t want to regret or curse yourself in the next 10 years. Never stop walking cause even if you stop, time doesn’t. 

So let’s go out there and cherish the moments we have. Be it sweet or sour, embrace it and have no regrets. We are all in the same mess of different versions. Understand the people around you and do what you can to make the world a better place.