I will rise again

Sorry guys! I haven’t been writing since I came back from Bangkok. Was down with a really high fever up to 39.5 degrees but I’m feeling better now. No idea how or why I fell sick but as long as I’m better right? ☺️

Well… This is long overdue but let me get this off. Bangkok was… Fun!! But so so tiring. 1 week of walking and eating and shopping and massaging. Oh my! How can a body survive! But I’m pretty blessed to be able to spend it with my colleagues because they really did made my trip there enjoyable. I really felt like I have taken loads off my shoulders and ready to jump higher again. More and that later😁

Now where was I…. Oh right! BANGKOK

There are really several places that you guys should try out if you are there. Do your research and find out the places that you want to go and the food that you want to eat. I love the food there and the fried chicken at this place is really to die for. Sorry that I can’t remember the name of the place but let me find that out. 😅

If you are there for the first time, morning markets and night markets are the ones that you have to go. Why? Simply because you will not have any such bargaining experience else where. But be careful of the night markets that you visit. Some can be quite dangerous so just in case… Better be wary of your surroundings. 👍🏻

All in all, I’m not really a travel blogger so if you want to know more… I can’t provide more information. But I can tell you that I have been to Bangkok three times in 2 years and I still love it. ☺️ so try and visit there someday. I’m sure everyone loves an adventure.

On the side note:

Christmas is around the corner and I’m glad that I’m in the mood for it. New year is following close by and to be honest, I’m just glad that this year is going to be over. 2015 have been one of the roughest year of my life so far. I thought that I came into 2015 with my whole life ahead of me; I have a wonderful and beautiful girlfriend, half a year of army life left, a road trip with my best buddies who I would die for, doing the things that I love, spending time before university… So much exciting things to look forward to. But I have been hit, pummeled and kicked to the curb time and time again.

I was sad, beaten and tired for most of my 2015 and I can’t remember when was the last time I really really love my life. Maybe at the start of 2015? But throughout all that nonsense and bullshit,

I grew stronger. I grew smarter. I know myself better. 

I think that’s the whole point of having a rough year don’t you agree? Not focusing on just the bad points but what you can do about it. Now that I turn back and look at all those things, I can see how far I come from. How beaten up I was. How low can someone get. Of course I know that the road is still long for me because my journey is just beginning. But through this ride, I’m a hell lot stronger than I was.

So thank you 2015. Because you showed me that I can be stronger than I thought I was. I may not make it today, I may not make it tomorrow but one day, one day I will make it. just wait for it. 

Just like the morning sun, I will rise again. 


The star named Orion 

Days flew by in Bangkok and I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. I enjoying myself but at the same time I’m getting tired out by waking up early and shopping and walking all day long. But one thing is for sure, I’m having a good time here.

There are some pictures that I’m sharing here on this space of mine that I took these days! Hope it looks nice 😅

I’m staying at Centara Grand Hotel with an outstanding room, facilities, view and staff and I’m really loving it here. Most of all, they have a sky bar which is one of the most famous one in Bangkok; Red Sky.

We went up to chill before my sister fly back to Singapore and the view was magificient. Breathtaking is what I would say. And sipping down my wine as we chat under the stars with such an amazing view is really speechless.

As I stop and look up in the sky, I saw something that reminded me of my past and I can’t help but smile. I told that someone about my favourite stars in the whole universe is the three stars in a line which is part of Orion. Why is it my favourite?

They are one of the most visible stars under the dark night sky and no matter where you are, you can almost see it. So me being a romantic, I told that someone that when you miss me, just look up in the sky and see the stars above. Know that we are looking at the same star under the same sky. 

Maybe we won’t feel far apart.  

So you can try… Well on second thought, don’t use my line. Be more creative people! Haha😂 anyway, enjoy the pictures that I took so far and look forward to more updates. 😁 cya



Days in Bangkok

Hello guys! Currently I am in the comfort of my very comfy bed in BKK and for some reasons I cant sleep… So let me just update my blog! 🙂

A trip is always nice because they allow the soul to be set free. A country that nobody knows of you and you can be whoever you want to be. Everything is put on reset and you begin anew. You meet new people, you have new experience, you eat new food and experience their culture. Although I have been to Bangkok for a few times in the past, it never fail to excite me whenever I am going on a trip especially when I feel that I needed something to bring me out of my suffering. You tend to heal better I guess? Or is that my own wishful wish?

Everyday has been walking around, shopping and eating which is what you do in Bangkok I guess. But there are also views and places to visit which might take your breathe away. The only regret is that I forgotten to take pictures for the first few days. I need to make a mental note to myself to remember to take more pictures!!

Update this page of mine soon. Till then 🙂



These days saw the dark clouds looming over and rained heavier than it had all year long. But I kind of love this kinda weather, sleeping in, watching shows or movies under the warm cozy blankets. It’s just such a wonderful feeling to have to be able to enjoy such simple thrills in life. 

Today while I was sitting at the bus stop, watching as cars drove by, a sudden thought came to my mind. 

“When you love something you set them free. Is that true though?”

I thought about it and I couldn’t come up with an answer. I understand the whole point of letting them go because you love them as you think that they will be happier but is that true though. What if they are not as happy as you think they would be. What if you’re the one that could make them the happiest in the whole world. 

I’m always in a dilemma when I’m facing this situation. Maybe it’s because of my low confidence in myself, I tend to always feel that everyone could do better off without me. Happier, less stressful, or at least smile like they mean it. I couldn’t have the thought that they might just genuinely be happy with me. Maybe it’s the “feel” that people give me or I just think that everyone eventually leaves you when someone better comes along. 

So back to the question;

If you really love them, is setting them free the only answer? 

I don’t think so. 

Try and try. Don’t give up just yet. If it’s worth fighting for, then why are you giving it up that easily. If that’s what you want, then why are you letting go so easily. If you think that person is the one for you, why would you let any chance you have slip away. Somethings work out somethings don’t. But are you going to run away everytime you think that it won’t? Aren’t you a coward if you decide to run away even before you try? 

If you love them, set them free. But if you truly love them, fight for them. Until one day, one fine day when you know it’s time to quit, hold your head up high and walk away. Because you know you gave it your all, at least you tried. 

If you don’t fight for the things you believe in, if you don’t fight for the things or people you love, then who will? 

“Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near. Just like them, I long to be, close to you.”

I had this song stuck in my head from watching the Korean drama “She was pretty” It’s pretty awesome for a drama with romance and comedy in it. 🙂 

Okay I shall end off here. So any thoughts or comments? Message or comment like some of you guys did! Always love a nice fan mail😂😁

Till next time. Ciao~


Well… It’s been a while hasn’t it. I kind of missed writing about stuffs that just pops right to my head even though it’s just nonsense most of the time. 😅😂 

I’m… In a mess right now. For some reason I can’t eat and sleep well and things aren’t looking good. Maybe I know the reason but I choose to run from it and not make myself face it. Everyday my stomach doesn’t growl or make weird noises. I don’t sleep till its 5-6 in the morning. Im tired… But what can I do? 

So for the first time in a while I do what I usually do when I’m troubled; Run. I laced up my jogging shoes and my red army singlet and got to run around the neighborhood. I ran as far as my legs can take me till I came to a stop. I looked up into the sky with the stars above and I froze there for a moment. Why did I freeze in the middle of nowhere? 

I realised that… I missed out the stars while chasing the moon. Then it got me thinking.. Again. 

For the first time in a while, I guess I’m able to sleep even though it’s way earlier than 5 or 6 in the morning. 

The one thing that running taught me; you don’t look back. Keep running and somehow, someday, somewhere, you will find the place you want to go to. Your legs and shoes will get you there. ☺️

Always enjoy the moments in life. You don’t get to hit that replay button. Once lost, never returned.