Daily Dose Of Quotes

“If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.” —Robert Schuller


Sleep less

As I sat there waiting for the sun to rise to welcome the start of a new day, I realised that I haven’t slept in two days. Don’t know if it’s my current lifestyle of late night sleep, even now when I’m tired, I just can’t seems fall asleep at this time. Maybe I should really consider going overseas where this type of time zone suits me. 

Recently I was busy and I guess I stopped paying attention to what my body was saying. Falling sick again. University applications, work, sleep, exercise… I guess this is my life now as it is. Trying to take a breather here and there but just can’t seemed to find a better time that 3 in the morning. 

Hence, me being here. Writing about my sleepless nights. 

Is it true that the people that stayed up late at night are the ones who are sad? Lonely? Trying to find something or even someone? An answer or some sort. Because I certainly feel like this. Maybe just trying to find an answer in all these madness. 

Thousand of possibilities in this world. Thousand of solutions. I am still finding mine.