Its coming to the end of April soon and school will be starting in a few months time. I just wish that I have enough money to travel before schools starts and not worry about anything. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself but at the same time, I need to start planning ahead into my future.

Remember that I was starting my job as a tutor? I have 3 students already! And I finally know how tough it is to be a teacher. Patience, dedication, caring are one of the many qualities a teacher should possess and I am starting to see that now. It makes me wonder about the teachers that taught me throughout the years and how bad I made their everyday life been. I admit I was not the best student when I was in my secondary school but… well people change for the better. At least I think I have.

But one thing is for sure, I enjoy teaching. It gives me a sense of achievement and encouragement when a parent send you praises or when the kid smiles at you because you helped him or her. It just feels great knowing that I have done something great and helped someone. In this way, I know that my passion as a teacher is not just for games and laughter.

People always say do the things you love and love the things you do. I am seeing the difference every passing day.

Recently, I caught up with an old classmate of mine and we talked for a while. We could just talk and talk for days about how we were in our school and she would always pinch my cheeks. I was short and chubby so it was not the best of time as I remembered. But through memory lane, we walked deeper into different conversations and I can’t help but have the feeling of wanting to text or talk to her again. Shall not really talk much about this so soon but I can just say that talking to her makes me feel energized and want to strive for much more. She motivates me and I just want her to know that. 🙂

I still thank the stars that we talked, met and sat under the stars. 


It’s been a while

Above is a picture of a sunset in California taken by one of my friends. It was taken for me so that I could be jealous of the view there😓 but nonetheless, it’s a beauty. 

Lately I feel drained like things are happening way too fast and I’m just trying to catch up. Panting heavily with every step along the way and it wasn’t easy to get to today. I’m starting to begin my work as a tutor tomorrow and I’m freaking out (maybe that’s why I’m still posting at this timing) because I haven’t taught anyone like this before. And I’m nervous that I might not do well in this. 

But… I shall keep positive and strive on! I’m Leon right? I’m suppose to be like that; confident and positive! Happy go lucky! Hehe😁

I’m having second thoughts about my current job just because I don’t seem to be motivated to work hard. I guess this might not be the type of job I would want. Hence, I’m in the search of a nice and stable job at least for now. And starting July, I’m enrolling into my university. So I’m hoping that I can get some cash real soon. 

Lights will lead me on the path of success. Step by step and I will get there eventually. 

Fight on Leon. Fight.