Wish granted 

It’s never been a secret how much I love stars, heck I even named my blog based on constellations. But have you guys ever tried wishing upon a shooting star? Well, I did. 

I still remember that night when the sky is dark and there wasn’t much to see except for the million of stars lined up above my head. I was feeling down and mind full of thoughts I wanted to get rid of just because it is like toxic to me. It was slowly killing me from the inside and truth to be told, I kind of allowed all of that to happen. 

As I rode my bicycle to a quiet place to throw all of my thoughts that are toxicating me, I suddenly stopped to see a shooting star from above. It wasn’t easy seeing stars in a city that never sleeps with lights almost everywhere in the streets but I actually saw a shooting star right there in the middle of the dark vast skies. I did what every normal being would do and made a wish. It was like a desperate attempt to make me believe that there is still something worth waiting for in my life. There were so many things that I wanted to wish for but so little time to decide. 

But I’m glad it came true. 

What was my wish in the end? I could have gone for many things like ending my sadness or being happy. But I came to realised that happiness and sadness is a choice to make. We chose to be happy or we chose to be sad, we can choose to be a lot of things but in the end, it’s all in our mind. So I simply wished for a light to guide me, to be able to see the light in all that pitch black darkness where it is cold and lonely. I simply wished to have the self realization of how to choose to be happy once again. 

And I did. 

Many people out there wouldn’t believe in this type of fairy tales but I would like to think that it exist to give us hope. Hope that one day, things will be fine and things will be okay. Hope that the light will guide us to where we are suppose to be. 

This is the hope that you gave me. 

Anyway, I found my reason to smile silly everyday and she’s the reason why I’m loving myself more every single day. She keeps my engine running and constantly striving to be the best version of me. And I will always love her for that support she never fails to deliver and making me feel loved.  

This is the hope that you led me to see. Thanks love. ❤️