I looked back at my life so far and realised how far have I come, the paths that I took and the paths that I missed. From all the mistakes, failures and setbacks, I gained knowledge, experience and wisdom. But after today, I realised that I gained something else, something equally important; 


It suddenly hit me hard when my best friend said something to me; “Now that I been through it, I can truly understand how people feel when they tell me their heart broke. I guess you don’t truly understand it until you yourself been through it.”

I’m a guy that been through quite a lot of shit in my years and being a romantic helps in some ways too. Everytime someone tells me about their situation, I can always tell how they must have felt and what they are thinking and now I know the reason why. It’s not because I have superpowers or I just pretended to know but because I have been through it before and I know how it is dealing with pain like this. 

Having your heart broken is about the sadest thing that can happen to a person. It breaks you from within and it’s an indescribable pain you feel in your heart. You feel like the air around you in getting thinner and your eyes are burning with tears rolling down your cheeks. It happened to me a few times in my life and that feeling still haunts me whenever I think of it. I prayed that nobody have to ever have that awful feeling ever but I know that it’s not possible. 

It’s through pain where we learn, we grow

I was taught the hard way that my life has to go on whether I like it or not. Time doesn’t stop just because my world stops. I coop myself inside my room each day while the time that I’m never going to get back passes me by. It was one of the worse I felt in years and I didn’t want to share it with anyone else. It’s horrible to have all that cramped up inside you. It’s horrible to bury all the thoughts inside of your mind. But it’s extremely horrible that you think that you should be left alone in these situations. 

Because of all the pain and heartbreaks, I’m able to really understand and feel people’s heartbreak. Empathy. Sometimes all we need is someone to be there, listening and showing concern. All we need is to be heard and understood. 

And sometimes these can also be used as a reminder to the rest of us. 

Cherish what you treasure before it really gets buried forever. Never take anything or anyone for granted. 

Meeting up with my best friend made me see a lot of things that can serve as a useful reminder. I have to cherish the things that makes me happy because things like these don’t come often. Don’t take things for granted because as easily things come, it can disappear anytime too.

Be sensitive to one another’s feelings. Be kind and love each other. 


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