A trip up to the mountain top

It was a cold, 5:30 morning when we touched down at TaoYuan Airport. I can still remember the cold breeze blowing through my hair and it is one of my favorite kind of weather. We went to take the next bus from TaoYuan to TaiChung as our first stop for this trip is CingJing.

CingJing is one of the places where time just seems to pass slower and the pace of everything around you just slows down. Waking up surrounded by old buildings, mountains and the fresh morning air just makes us love that place even more. For a city kid, I alng ways long for such experiences and still enjoy every second of it.

However, as we were traveling on their national holiday period, the traffic jam up to the mountain as crazy. We got a cab from TaiChung station to PuLi and then bus up to CingJing. It was a grueling 5 hours bus ride up to the mountain area as the congestion was so bad. We just slept throughout the whole ride up with lots of bumps and rocky roads along the way.

And finally we got off to our stay for the night: Sea of Cloud Vacation Villa. We quickly checked in and had a quick wash up before heading out to the sheep farm. The sheep farm was a walkable distance from our accommodation and I have to say that the view there is amazingly stunning. But our trip there was jeopardized by the weather conditions. It was drizzling, raining and pouring at different stages and it was difficult for anyone to move about in those conditions. So my advice would be go there early and check if there are any holidays or special occasion that might cause traffic congestion up to CingJing. Then see sheeps and have a horse/pony ride.

We left the farm near closing after taking a few pictures and heading up the mountain for some food as we were starving. We went up to have snacks at street stalls; mainly 盐酥鸡 and 甜不辣. We then went further up to have proper food which a bowl of local beef noodles. The broth was quite good with the strong beef taste and a filling portion of noodles. After which, we got to the nearest convenience store to get some snacks and drinks back to our apartment.

We had a pretty rough day 1 with most of our time spent traveling up to CingJing, but we the view there and the experience there made up for it. Can’t wait to blog again for day 2! Until then see the pictures below!