2017 in review

There’s so many changes, stories and things to be grateful for in 2017 and since it’s nearing the end of 2017, let’s have a short recap of how it went.

New working environment, new friends, started schooling, etc; these are some of the changes I experienced in 2017 which I regret to say that it’s not all perfect. Well let’s face it, it’s never going to be perfect but we shall not dwell into it. I started schooling in around June and had been very busy ever since. Imagine after a long day at work, you have to rush to school from your office and only to be home at 11:30pm. I have been surviving with that kind of schedule for 6 months and I have to admit that it is really very draining. It makes me wonder how the others before me done it.

I switched my working environment in the start of August as I wanted to seek for better opportunity elsewhere and frankly speaking, I have never regretted my decision. The things I do here is not as challenging as what I was doing previously but being here pushes me to my limit and that I have to admit. There are days where I can feel that my brain cells are being used up and I have to get home to recharge myself. This environment kind of suits me as I always love a challenge and would never back down till I succeed. However, I have to admit that there are days that I feel sucky about working there too but the thing about me is, I don’t think too much into it but rather, I like to prove that they are wrong to think that way of me.

All my life, being looked down by others, getting criticisms from people, every negative actions, shaped me into who I am today. But I have to say I’m not really that superhuman because I do have times when I feel weak and helpless as well. In times like these, I’m lucky that I have people I can rely on and pick me up in the darkest times. I’m glad I was raised in such environment; so that I can be strong even when the world wants me down, I just need to get back up and try again.

Now for the things that I’m grateful for in my life till now; my family, my friends and my special someone. Let’s start off with my friends. They say the older you get the lesser friends you have and well, I would say that’s true. It’s kind of sad but at the same time, I would say happy as well because these friends will be your closest bunch of people you have around you to get old with. They been through some of your good times and bad times with you, helping you along the way and just making everyday bearable at the very least. I’m happy to have met these bunch of people that helped me get through my 2017 because every moment with them makes me truly blessed and happy.

My family has been the backbone of my life because without them, I don’t think I will be where I am today and I’m not even taking this lightly. My parents have always been supportive of whatever I do and till today, I have always felt that unconditional love from them. They are always there to listen to my problems and sometimes criticizing me of my doings. Even though I get angry at them at times, I still take their teaching to heart and hope to improve myself as a person. Being the eldest child, sometimes I feel a lot of burden and stress on my shoulders and I have to say, most of it is self inflicted. I have the three most wonderful siblings that I can ever ask for. Sometimes we are noisy and love to make fun of each other but I can always count on them to catch me whenever I’m falling. We have each other’s back and despite each of our flaws, I am proud to have them as my brother and sisters.

2017 is a very special year for me and my special someone because it’s the year that we got engaged. 07/07/2017 would be a date that is forever engraved into our hearts where we made our eternal promise to each other, a promise that can and will stand to the test of time. My whole life changed when she entered and it is like the best thing that has happened to me. Everyday I feel blissful and blessed to have her in my life. She have that special ability to brighten up my day even when I’m down. She never fails to make me smile and the best thing about this is, she will never make me feel that I was ever alone in any situation. To have that level of support and confidence towards me, it’s something that I always treasure a lot.

I do get lots of questions like how do I know she is the right one. Well, we only dated for like a year before I proposed so what makes me so sure that she was the one I have been looking for. Don’t get me wrong, it is not always a bed of roses for us. We do have a few times that we are upset or angry but we have a golden rule that we are keeping till today; never let each other go to sleep sad or angry. I think this is an important part of our relationship, something I am proud to declare to the world. So back to the question at hand: what makes me so sure that she is the one. To me, proposing or rather promising our future together is never a tough decision to make. In her eyes, I see the perfect version of me and I thank the gods everyday for her. I can see myself coming home from a long day and being greeted with a warm smile or a hug because that’s how our relationship is. Whenever I look into her eyes, I feel like I can see our blissful future together holding hands till we are old. And those are just a few of the many reasons how I know she is the one.

All in all, 2017 is certainly a year to remember. From everything major to the small things that happened in these 365 days, I’m glad I have the right group of people; friends and family to go through with. Thanks for all the good and the bad times that I had in 2017, I will add this to my bag and carry on my journey.

Now, onwards to 2018…


24 years ago

6th September 1993

If someone told me that 24 years ago, I would be enjoying my life; having a wonderful family, having an amazing girlfriend then fiancé, still doing well in my career and studies, I would have never believe it. 

My family has always been an important part of me. Growing up, my parents didn’t have the easiest time and it shaped me to be a strong willed person. We were not rich but we are happy. A kind of family where I wish my kids would grow up in. So of course every birthday, I would celebrate it with the parents that started this whole thing. 

So let’s start this whole celebration from when it started. Shall we? ☺

The celebration began one day before my birthday when my friends: Daphanie, Melody and Adrian wanted to meet up for lunch. Little did I know, they invited my fiancé along. It was a nice surprise and I was genuinely surprised. They even got me a cake and a present which I love so much. This friendship with them is really one of the best thing that came out from working in HSBC. 

Later that night, my fiancé met up with me to bring me out from a birthday celebration. To my surprise, she brought me to F.R.I.E.N.D.S cafe. F.R.I.E.N.D.S has always been one of my favorite dramas to watch and recently she started watching it too. So she booked us a table at the cafe here in Singapore. So let’s see… what about the cafe. 

The cafe was quite a distance from the train station but from the moment I stepped into the cafe, I was amazed. The details of the cafe was like the set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S with the famous couch that they sit in the cafe, Monica’s apartment, the fusball table and much more. It almost feel like you’re in the set of it’s actual filming. We then grabbed a seat with a great view and background and order food. The cafe was showing episodes from the drama itself as we got to dine and watch some of the best episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and I even got to watch my favorite one. However, the food there is a little pricey so please prepare your wallets. 

On my birthday, my fiancé brought me out for a nice brunch at Lola’s cafe. It was the perfect brunch date for us and the food was delicious as usual. Everything was as I remember it to be and the food was still fantastic. Then I got to chill and relax a little before my family went out for a celebration later in the evening. 

We went to have a simple dinner and even went to Swensen’s so that I could have my birthday ice cream! 😂 I even got myself a present; A dartboard! All in all, I enjoyed my special day with the people I love. I know that I wouldn’t trade these with anything else in the world. Thank you everyone for the wishes. 

To the ones who love me for everything I am, I thank you with all my heart. 

The day when you finally get it. 

There will come a day when everything comes in place; all the big and little pieces fix themselves and together they form a perfect picture. As most of you already know, I proposed to my girlfriend not long ago and it was everything that people said it to be. 

Nerve wrecking, surprises, tears of joy; all of these building up to one word. When that word became the most important word in your dictionary, you know that you finally got it; you found the answer that you have been looking for your whole life. 

Many would understand that something so beautiful and precious like this don’t come easy. Sometimes it depends on luck, timing and chemistry. Through failed experiences in love, we gain and bring it forward with us. It shows that you accepted the past and go on to receive the future. However, sadly speaking, that cannot be said for all of us. 

Some of us are stuck in the past and finding it difficult to move on; or rather they won’t let themselves move forward. Most of us have a hard time accepting and moving on because we fail to see how everything could turn for the better, stuck thinking that that was the best they could ever get or deserve. Now I’m telling you that it is not true. 

You deserve better if you wish for better. 

Don’t ever put your happiness in another’s hand; or rather allow people to make you happy but don’t give them the right to take it away. Yes we will be sad, yes we will feel down but that does not stop us from choosing what we think we deserve. If you believe that you deserve to be happy, then who in the world out there can tell you otherwise. 

You make your own choices so learn to live with them. 

It’s been a while since I chose sadness. It doesn’t mean that I would feel sad every now and then or rather I would not allow myself to brood over it for a long time. 

We always deserve so much more. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to make our choices. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and pick up all these shit and move on. 

Onwards to better days ahead. 

I found the one. 


That was the day where two hearts got connected as one; the butterflies went out of control; and I got down on one knee and asked the most important question of my life:

“Will you marry me?”

It didn’t take me much effort to figure out that she was the one for me. Every little things just comes together; it just adds up together; slowly but surely that’s how I know that she is the one. 

There so many things I can say about her; kind, sweet, loving, understanding, and the list goes on and on. But I guess the thing I love the most is how well we fit together as one. That feeling when you complete a puzzle; the lyrics to complete your song; the other half of me. 

Both of us been through a lot individually before we met. From the countless heartbreaks and relationships we been through, the missteps that we took, the experiences that we gained and lesson that we learnt; everything that happened brought me to where I am today. I would say that the journey wasn’t an easy one and it sure wasn’t the simplest one but I’m glad I got there in the end. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a helpless romantic. Trying my best to have everything as sweet as possible and keeping the spark between us everlasting. And so when I decided to propose to my girlfriend, I wanted to make it the best one for her. It all started in late May this year and I started with shopping for the ring and planning for that day. Choosing the date wasn’t much of a thought as I decided on 7th July 2017 as our parents had theirs on 8th August and 9th September respectively. 

As I wanted to keep it a secret, I only revealed my plans to a few of my closest friends and people that I needed help from for my proposal. Through a few weeks of shopping and planning, it was pretty hard for me to contain my excitement. I kept it private and intimate with a simple design of balloons, fairy lights, flowers and most importantly the ring. 

In the end, the moment arrived. I told her my feelings and how I feel about us. She was shocked as I took a step back and got down on one knee as I uttered the following words:

“Germaine Chee, will you marry me?

Her face was in total shock which proved how well I hid it from her and it took her a good few seconds for her to reply a resounding “yes“. We hugged and kissed as I placed the over-sized ring into her extremely slim finger. After which we got to our photo shoot and order delivery for dinner. I popped a champagne to celebrate and damn wasn’t that a night to remember. 

To be honest, I think that we are still young and have a long way in front of us. The road ahead may be difficult for us but whenever I feel her presence beside me, I know that I have the strength to carry on. So who cares if the road ahead would be rough and tough for us, as long as I’m holding her hands, I feel that there’s nothing we can’t face together. I guess that’s the power of love. 

And I finally can say it out loud: “I found the one.”


It’s been a while…

We are heading almost halfway through 2017 and it seems that time is moving way too fast. With each passing days, it just makes me feel that I don’t want to grow up so quickly. There’s still so many things to do, so many wonders left to be discovered and here I am, struggling to survive with my daily work. 

Things haven’t been good at work I guess but at least I have awesome colleagues to help me with my day to day agony. Laughter is always the best medicine for sure. Still in the process of looking out for a new opportunity for me but to no avail. However, I’m still trying my best so fingers crossed! 

It’s turning a year soon; a year since I met the most wonderful person that makes me feel complete. It’s still amazing looking back to how far we have come. Each and everyday was filled with bliss and I’m not even kidding. This is the first time that I felt that loving someone could be this easy. Every text, every hug, every kiss, makes me feel like it’s our first and a smile would just light up. The lingering feeling you get when you part ways for the night. The I-Miss-You kind of hugs you get when you haven’t seen each other in a while. Anything good or bad, she is there to listen to your everyday adventure. Always giving you the strength to carry on. 

Love should always be this easy when it’s with the right one. 

I would always think that this kind of love doesn’t exist, only in stories or dramas. But now that I have experienced it for myself, I don’t want to let go. This is what I always imagined my love would be and she is everything that I wished for. 

How lucky am I to meet someone like her. How lucky am I to get to experience this kind of love. How lucky am I to love someone so perfect like her. 

To the many more years ahead of us. Thank you. 

Twenty Sixteen

LIke the most of us, 2016 has been full of ups and downs. Some of us experienced probably some of the happiest moments in their entire life while others might have a hell of a time surviving. Let’s just remember to keep loving and be kind to one another.

2016 is going down to be one of my most memorable and happiest time so far; the best being able to meet the love of my life but more about that later. In the beginning of the year, I was pretty much stuck with my direction in life. What do I do from here onwards? Am I really going to continue with this path? What is the best path for me to take right now? All these questions inside my head left unanswered and waiting for one day when it just pops right in. It was full of uncertainty and changes with people coming in and out of my life, things happening one after another and the stress of trying to keep up with life itself.

Working as a financial planner does have it perks where I can organize my time accordingly and commission is pretty good I have to admit. However, my passion died down along with the issues I faced at that point in time. I started putting my passion elsewhere and that was to be a tutor. This will have to go down as one of the best decision that I made for myself as my passion or rather ‘the fire within me’ lit up when I was teaching. With every student I have, with every lesson that I taught, seeing them grow and improve lesson by lesson, is something rewarding to me and may I say one of my proudest moments in my life. Be it when you received a thank you message, a present, or just a simple smile can make my day a whole lot better. One of the most memorable student that I taught have to be this primary 4 boy.

When I first took on this role as his tutor, I have to admit that I have no idea how do I even begin. There was no foundation and things weren’t looking all that pleasant at all. We struggled together to find the best way for him to learn and study. Fair enough, through all those hard work and effort we put in together, he improved from a 30 plus student to a 74 marks student for his end of year examinations. Seeing that smile on both his mother and his face, I felt that all the tough times were all worth it; all of that in exchange for that one single moment. It reminded me of the time when I had tuition for my A-maths; 32 marks to 76 by the end of the year. It just felt extra special when I know that I changed someone’s life for the better.

Soon, my career took a turn for the better when I was offered a job at a bank and it really helped as I was at that point in time where I have no idea what direction am I suppose to head to. It was a compliance role and I am still enjoying the thrill of a challenging job. There were times where it is stress and tiring, but I knew that I just have hold on and things will fall into place. I have the pleasure of meeting a bunch of colleagues that made my everyday in the office a happy one and still thankful of all the care and concern they have been showing since day 1.

2016 was a year of romance for me when I have dated for quite a while and it just did not feel particularly right for me. That was until I met her. She brought the smiles into my life without much effort and can always put up with my weirdness or uniqueness which I like to call it. Have you ever feel that you don’t have to pretend to be anything or anyone and he/she just love you for who you are. That’s true love my friends. Nothing in the world feels better than knowing that you found the love of your life.

From her constant encouragements, loving messages, hugs and kisses to the serious situation when we can openly talk about our feelings, anything and everything felt better when you are with the right one. Things are just that simple. It makes me feel stupid feeling the need to hide my feelings in my past relationships. I am truly blessed and delighted that I got to meet someone so amazing like her.

That will be the summary of my 2016 as I included most of my most happening moments this year. Ushering in the new year with the people I surround myself with will be the happiest I have ever felt in a very long time. To think that everything just flew past us again, I am a year older next year. Time to be wiser, do what I know I can do best and show the world what I can do. Embrace 2017 and hope that things continues to run smoothly.

Thank you for those that I met, those that helped me, those that embraced me, those that advised me, those that have been there for me and those that love me. Without you, there would have never be me. 

Onwards… Time to start off a new page in my book. Onwards to 2017.

Rule 1: Remember to always love yourself

Anyone that knows me will know my number 1 rule in life: Remember to always love yourself. This means to not lose yourself; your likes and dislikes, your character, your habits, everything that makes you… you. 

Everytime someone new enters our lives, some of us tend to act differently and sometimes it just makes you feel like it’s harder to breathe. Be it a friendship or relationship, I always believe that being yourself attracts the right people to enter your life. If they don’t like the real you, then maybe they are not meant to be in your life after all. Don’t let people’s judgement of you affect you to a certain extent. We take in things that will make us change for the better and not change because the other party wants us to. There is a difference. You’d change because you know that it’s for the better, and hence the change, but not change because people want you to.

Your life isn’t meant to live for others and base on what they think. It’s called your life for a reason. People come and people go in life. That’s why breakups happen, that’s why friendship or bonds can break, that’s why we always find fault in ourselves when such things happen. I was once like this; pretending to be someone I’m not and it wasn’t the easiest of life I chose for myself. But I’m also glad at the same time because through that lesson, I grew to be more confident and started loving who I am more. 

Loving yourself and being yourself will always attract the right kind of people to stay in your life. 

Don’t change for others. Change only for yourself. 

Being yourself will attract people who likes you for who you are and never forget that. There will always be people who love you for who you are. Be true to yourself and have confidence. Because that’s how true friendships/relationship happens; when we are ourselves.

Everything begins when you start to learn how to love yourself. Just be selfish for once and learn more about you. If you don’t even learn to love yourself then how do you expect others to love you.