Is where a couples unite in marriage.

Is where we celebrate the love between two people.

Is where we rejoice to the meaning of the word;


Everyone have a different idea to the word marriage. To some, it will be the happiest day of their life because it represents a life with the one you love. To others, it might just be a dream. We, as humans, often long for a companion to have, to be there, to love through your lifetime. Whether you want to admit it or not, that’s a fact that everyone will eventually long for a partner; someone to spend their remaining life with.

Sad to say, in modern days, more of us are facing disappointment and heartbreaks than our well deserved happy endings. It usually makes us wonder, what do we have to do to meet the right one. Is there such a thing as the right one?

A Soulmate. Or the right one if you may say. I do believe that it’s out there for everyone. Call me stupid or a fool but yes I’m forever a romantic. I grew up believing that if I try hard enough I might actually be happy. As I grew up, I find it harder and harder because everything I do, everywhere I look, I don’t really feel that I’m happy. Somehow, something is missing in me and I struggled to find an answer; an answer to my happiness.

If you know me, you would have known my story. My life full of rejections and heartbreaks; lies and cheating; broken and down. At last I realized, why do I try so hard. Why am I trying and going all out to find someone that will eventually break me again. This is usually the stage where people start to build up walls and I’m no exception. I’m not proud of my past but I don’t think back and regret the things I should have done.

I mean… Everything happens for a reason right?

But as you know, through all of my struggles, I found the one I call my soulmate. All that I learnt from my past, I don’t abandon them. I carry them and move forward. All that I should have done from my past, I don’t abandon them. I carry them and move forward. Every failure that you experienced that lead you to this current point, makes you a better person for the next person. And who knows… maybe he/she is the one. This brings me back to what I would always say:

Always love yourself more. Because if you can’t even choose to love yourself, nobody else will.

Yes. I used the word choose. I don’t care if you’re fat, ugly, short, tall or there are certain areas you don’t like about yourself. It’s always a choice and you chose to hate that aspect of you. Yes I know I can never truly understand and you might think I’m still a normal looking person, what do I really know about all of this. But little do you know, I also suffered from low self esteem before. I never loved myself. I never chose to love me for me. And I don’t care what you think, but I know that everyone is fighting their own struggles; their own fight. I’m not in any place to judge. And you are not in any place to judge me too.

What I want to say here is, you can’t expect people to love you if you first don’t love yourself. You can’t change anything if you let things remain status quo. If you don’t take that first crucial step, you will forever stay on the same spot while many others move their feet.

Empower yourself. Give yourself more credit than you ever deserve. Find the love that you think you deserve. I think we owe ourselves that much at least. Not everyone that you met will be good or nice or kind, but they will eventually step into your life. And promise me this. When they step in,

Always be the perfect self that you are. Not some other person. Because if he/she is the right one, they will embrace every part of you; even those that you once hate about yourself.

That’s my perfect kind of love.


Step into the future

Future is just a step in time after the present. If we take a step back to look at it, it’s actually a very scary thing. We don’t know what will happen in the future but yet we make plans for it. We cannot be fully certain of what lies ahead but we can just look ahead and move forward. To me, that is suppose to be scary because I could not see the road ahead of me.

Most of the times, there’s no “guide” lights along the way. Putting out both of our hands trying to figure out the obstacles lying ahead while trying to survive. It’s almost too tough for others to comprehend but sometimes I feel that I have people beside me helping me push through. They are the source of strength that makes my clock tick, my engine run and my spirits high.

Recently I took a leap forward; me and germs went to choose our housing unit. It was quite an exciting process but at the same time, scary. To be honest, this is a huge commitment and I am hoping that I have the capability to finance my house. I guess that’s why I need to continue saving up on my finances because I really don’t want to have a life where I have to constantly worry about money.

On a more positive note, the house that I chose is quite a good location I suppose. With shopping malls within distance and transportation by bus or train nearby, I kind of think that it’s the perfect place to be in. There are still so much potential to grow in this area itself and who knows, there might be more upcoming projects to upgrade the area. So fingers crossed.

Right here right now as I’m writing this post, I feel that I have so much weight on my shoulders and I don’t know how can I release them. The weight of the world on me. Sometimes I thrive on these, but sometimes I just wanna be that kid in me and have no worries at all. But I know that I can’t. As we grow older, everything gets heavier.

Take care everyone who reads this post. Because I know that I haven’t been posting a lot lately but whenever I see views on my blog, it feels good because at least I know that there are people listening out there. I know that I’m not alone in all of these but do you know that too?

I’m always here for you guys too.

Back to words

It’s been a while since I blogged about something. Usually, I would blog when I have some inspiration on a certain topic or when I’m feeling down; just because this place used to be a place where I store my thoughts. But ever since I met my special someone, I find myself not blogging much; maybe I found someone that I can pour my heart to without the fear of judging.

Nowadays, I find that writing a blog or a diary helps people to better express themselves. Even though your blog can be read by anyone and everyone out there, I feel that sometimes the encouragement or even the thought that you are not alone in this world can make you feel a whole lot better.

I’m doing fine currently if anyone is interested to know. Busy with school and work while trying to balance with my remaining time spent with my family, girlfriend and even myself. I’m somehow weird in this sense because I like to be busy and feel that I can contribute to what I do. But there are of course times when I miss slowing down my footsteps and just enjoy the view for once.

That’s the reason why… I’m planing to go for a trip! (In October tho) but nonetheless… it’s still something to look forward to! Everyone needs a break every now and then. So even if you are stress about stuff, do remember to take a break and stop tiring yourself out too much. There’s a Chinese saying that goes something like this: “Taking a short break for the longer journey ahead”. That is like a sort of direct translation but you get my point.

Thank you for supporting my blog till now guys! Hope that everything is fine for you too. Till next time.

The day when you finally get it. 

There will come a day when everything comes in place; all the big and little pieces fix themselves and together they form a perfect picture. As most of you already know, I proposed to my girlfriend not long ago and it was everything that people said it to be. 

Nerve wrecking, surprises, tears of joy; all of these building up to one word. When that word became the most important word in your dictionary, you know that you finally got it; you found the answer that you have been looking for your whole life. 

Many would understand that something so beautiful and precious like this don’t come easy. Sometimes it depends on luck, timing and chemistry. Through failed experiences in love, we gain and bring it forward with us. It shows that you accepted the past and go on to receive the future. However, sadly speaking, that cannot be said for all of us. 

Some of us are stuck in the past and finding it difficult to move on; or rather they won’t let themselves move forward. Most of us have a hard time accepting and moving on because we fail to see how everything could turn for the better, stuck thinking that that was the best they could ever get or deserve. Now I’m telling you that it is not true. 

You deserve better if you wish for better. 

Don’t ever put your happiness in another’s hand; or rather allow people to make you happy but don’t give them the right to take it away. Yes we will be sad, yes we will feel down but that does not stop us from choosing what we think we deserve. If you believe that you deserve to be happy, then who in the world out there can tell you otherwise. 

You make your own choices so learn to live with them. 

It’s been a while since I chose sadness. It doesn’t mean that I would feel sad every now and then or rather I would not allow myself to brood over it for a long time. 

We always deserve so much more. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to make our choices. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and pick up all these shit and move on. 

Onwards to better days ahead. 

I found the one. 


That was the day where two hearts got connected as one; the butterflies went out of control; and I got down on one knee and asked the most important question of my life:

“Will you marry me?”

It didn’t take me much effort to figure out that she was the one for me. Every little things just comes together; it just adds up together; slowly but surely that’s how I know that she is the one. 

There so many things I can say about her; kind, sweet, loving, understanding, and the list goes on and on. But I guess the thing I love the most is how well we fit together as one. That feeling when you complete a puzzle; the lyrics to complete your song; the other half of me. 

Both of us been through a lot individually before we met. From the countless heartbreaks and relationships we been through, the missteps that we took, the experiences that we gained and lesson that we learnt; everything that happened brought me to where I am today. I would say that the journey wasn’t an easy one and it sure wasn’t the simplest one but I’m glad I got there in the end. 

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a helpless romantic. Trying my best to have everything as sweet as possible and keeping the spark between us everlasting. And so when I decided to propose to my girlfriend, I wanted to make it the best one for her. It all started in late May this year and I started with shopping for the ring and planning for that day. Choosing the date wasn’t much of a thought as I decided on 7th July 2017 as our parents had theirs on 8th August and 9th September respectively. 

As I wanted to keep it a secret, I only revealed my plans to a few of my closest friends and people that I needed help from for my proposal. Through a few weeks of shopping and planning, it was pretty hard for me to contain my excitement. I kept it private and intimate with a simple design of balloons, fairy lights, flowers and most importantly the ring. 

In the end, the moment arrived. I told her my feelings and how I feel about us. She was shocked as I took a step back and got down on one knee as I uttered the following words:

“Germaine Chee, will you marry me?

Her face was in total shock which proved how well I hid it from her and it took her a good few seconds for her to reply a resounding “yes“. We hugged and kissed as I placed the over-sized ring into her extremely slim finger. After which we got to our photo shoot and order delivery for dinner. I popped a champagne to celebrate and damn wasn’t that a night to remember. 

To be honest, I think that we are still young and have a long way in front of us. The road ahead may be difficult for us but whenever I feel her presence beside me, I know that I have the strength to carry on. So who cares if the road ahead would be rough and tough for us, as long as I’m holding her hands, I feel that there’s nothing we can’t face together. I guess that’s the power of love. 

And I finally can say it out loud: “I found the one.”

Simple days are over.

In a few hours time, I will be attending my first lesson as an University student and damn it has been too long. I delayed my studies for two years before applying to further studies as I did not have the fortune of paying my school fees. So these two years, I worked hard to find myself jobs to earn my fees and finally, I’m enrolled into this year’s class. To be absolutely honest, the least of  what I’m feeling is excited; which is the question most people would ask.

Having my life without textbooks and lecture notes for a good four years, I hope that my brain does not “shut off” when I need it the most. I guess that I have to do my best to keep myself awake and focus even after a long day at work. I believe in me; I can do it.

Nowadays, work hasn’t been all that smooth with all sorts of shit coming up. Sometimes it might just feel so unbearable that you need to step away from your desk so that you can get your focus and mind back to where it needs to be. But thanks to the amazing company of friends that I have, work can never get too stressful for me. We even came up with a name for our group just combining our first initials together to form “MLD”. We can tell each other anything and trust each other with it. We can joke and laugh in the middle of a random conversation that one of us started at a random time. They are friends that I would not trade for anything else.

I know that my title may have indicated that the simple days are over but that is not the case whenever I am together with my girl. Everytime, she seems to have the right ingredients to make my sorrows, stress and all hardship go away. I guess that’s what love does for you when it’s right. Always showered with more love than I ever felt day in day out and never to take anything for granted. I think that’s how I survive through everything; having the support I need to take a single step everyday.

To be loved, oh what a feeling to have.


“It was never me against the world when I have people behind my back to push me through it all.”


It’s been a while…

We are heading almost halfway through 2017 and it seems that time is moving way too fast. With each passing days, it just makes me feel that I don’t want to grow up so quickly. There’s still so many things to do, so many wonders left to be discovered and here I am, struggling to survive with my daily work. 

Things haven’t been good at work I guess but at least I have awesome colleagues to help me with my day to day agony. Laughter is always the best medicine for sure. Still in the process of looking out for a new opportunity for me but to no avail. However, I’m still trying my best so fingers crossed! 

It’s turning a year soon; a year since I met the most wonderful person that makes me feel complete. It’s still amazing looking back to how far we have come. Each and everyday was filled with bliss and I’m not even kidding. This is the first time that I felt that loving someone could be this easy. Every text, every hug, every kiss, makes me feel like it’s our first and a smile would just light up. The lingering feeling you get when you part ways for the night. The I-Miss-You kind of hugs you get when you haven’t seen each other in a while. Anything good or bad, she is there to listen to your everyday adventure. Always giving you the strength to carry on. 

Love should always be this easy when it’s with the right one. 

I would always think that this kind of love doesn’t exist, only in stories or dramas. But now that I have experienced it for myself, I don’t want to let go. This is what I always imagined my love would be and she is everything that I wished for. 

How lucky am I to meet someone like her. How lucky am I to get to experience this kind of love. How lucky am I to love someone so perfect like her. 

To the many more years ahead of us. Thank you.